Veritas, Justitia and Caritas


My name is VERITAS

My book is open

Revealing all hidden secrets…

Read it, if you have eyes to see


My name is JUSTITIA

My secret sword slashes darkness


May divine light save you


My name is CARITAS

My cup is always full

May it be yours for free

Remove your thirst forever.




My experience with UFO

Scientists estimated with the technology of the Hubble Space Telescope that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe.


We have some understanding now of natural laws operating here and in space. And as the range of “known” expands, it touches more and more the unknown. With each new discovery new questions arise.

I wonder does it make sense that there is no life anywhere else except of the planet Earth, just because it is simply not a part of mainstream scientific knowledge?

How much of the universe did we sufficiently explore to know it? What do we really know about it all?

“Realising just how little we truly know is not only the beginning of wisdom, but it is a requirement of wisdom – the knowledge is infinite.” – Mark H. Pritchard (Belsebuub)

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.”-Albert Einstein

About a half year ago I had a very interesting experience with UFO  in my dream during the spiritual retreat in Australia. Then some time later I have found an article in a local newspaper describing people have been seeing UFO flying over the shopping mall next to the place where I live.

And today, I seemed to see UFO physically as well!

It happened totally unexpectedly…I was having a conversation with my parents, and my Mother suddenly screamed in bewilderment : “Look! look!UFO!” and we all ran to the balcony to see it closer.

When I have seen it, it just all felt so unreal and strange…I pulled my finger trying to stretch it to verify whether I was dreaming or not, and it remained the same (the technique of reality checks to wake up in dreams.)

Then I ran fast to pick up my photo camera, below are a few pictures…

The UFO flied slowly on the height of helicopter and didn`t look like any flying objects which we have ever seen. Its shape seemed to be slightly changing. The UFO kept flying towards one direction and was moving slighly in the air up and down..

But the most strange thing were little objects around it, looking like small black dots, flying  to the same direction and keeping exact distance between each other and the same speed like the UFO.

After getting higher in sky, the UFO completely changed the direction of its flight for some time, and then again, and then stood still in sky for a few minutes!

Finally it moved slowly closer to clouds … covered by a big cloud and appeared to disappear there…

We tried to find some kind of reasonable explanations but all of our ideas didn`t make sense, leaving us in a perplexed state of mind.

I know that there could be some normal earthly cause of what we have seen today, but still my look on the way things are in life got a bit shaken by that experience.

Mystical time of Summer Solstice

Our visual perception of Sun is so far from objective reality (and now we could be quite sure about it), yet we know nowadays, that without Sun, this organic life on Earth simply won`t be possible.

In esoteric spirituality, Sun is studied with mystical experiences and is recognized as the Cosmic Force even more important than giver and sustainer of organic life on Earth. Sun is a great friend and wise teacher of esotericists, assisting one in the process of Spiritual Liberation, and each year, the Summer Solstice is one of the best times to get in touch personally with the spiritual aspects of cosmic and inner Sun.

Summer Solstice is so impermanent in the physical realm as the physical phenomena,  yet brings us the Hope of Lasting Change, inspires us to advance further through all obstacles towards complete inner transformation:  Salvation, Enlightenment, Awakening.

PS: This article could be helpful to understand deeper esoteric aspect of Solstices and if you wish, prepare for your own spiritual celebration…

To be like Sun
Is to live with
Open heart

Spreading harmony
In the world of sin
Every moment

Leaving shadows
Loving – transforming
Living light within.

Where are we going

We look at you

And you calmly sit in peace…

We search for

Love, wisdom, bliss…

What do we pass through,

To discover it?

A Sail

“A Sail” by Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (my attempt to translate it in English from Russian)  


   “A Sail”

A sail is whitening alone

Seen in the fog of blue sea!…

What did it left there back home?…

In a far land now, what does it seek to see?

Waves are playing – wind is whistling

And mast bends strongly, and it creaks…

Alas! Not for fortune it is looking

And not from fortune – that it flees!







 Over it, is golden beam of sun…

Below, azure-like light of seas

And it, rebellious, requests for storm,

As if, in tempests, there is peace!


Reaching to the Divine


 Being alive,

 But, without soul – is empty,

 A day is gone, just to never return…

 How many are left?

  Whatever awaits me – heart’s ready







 Is there a punishment which spirit can’t take?

What is the reward great enough for it,

If not uniting, again, with the Great Spirit!

Being nothing – being everything,

Truth – is my Goddess,

Weakness and ignorance are my existence…

Living in light –  sacred dream of my heart,   

Strength of the spirit, is what I look for,







 O, Divine Spirit,

Help this world!

May your glory be known

So your Holy Light may disperse darkness,

And please help me, not to be sorry.


*Meanings of symbols

Symbols fascinate. They may open the path to a deeper understanding. Exploring symbols is a creative intuitive process of examining – right into the heart of the great mysteries, searching, “digging”, unveiling the secrets of this world, this life, and other levels of reality, beyond “known” physical constraints. 

Symbols may have different meanings, and they are open to a variety of interpretations.

Although, one may simply know intuitively what a particular symbol means to them at a certain point in time – in a particular context. Main symbols are universal, yet everyone sees, perceives and knows them according to one’s background, merits of our hearts, personal understanding and true experience of life.

 A piece of art which impressed me recently was a sculpture of Saint Denis holding his head in his hands (the portal of Virgin, Notre-Dame-de-Paris, France.)

Is it not possible to live like that in a higher dimensions!?

Could it symbolize, perhaps, the ultimate victory over the ego-mind?









Often the destruction of negative internal elements is  represented symbolically by something outside of a person, separated…

-Mighty Goddess from Tibetan tradition tears apart a demon.

Selfish inner elements such as hatred, envy, fear, negativity may get transformed into spiritual qualities – peace, love, bliss, joy…

Non-sense is to be replaced by understanding.

When old dies, a new arrives.

-Saint-Michael’s fountain, Paris

-Egyptian mythology – a puzzle to solve

Symbols pass feelings… what could be felt by looking closely and observing  these sculptures? (Vienna, Austria)




…seeing symbols in nature

Look, see, feel, know…lessons are hidden everywhere, as above, so below.